UIDAI's Enrollment Training and Certification Program for eligibility to work with Organization

In order to work with with UIDAI you need to keep some points in Mind they are as follows:

UIDAI's Enrollment Training

Training in UIDAI is not mandatory; however it is recommended that the people desirous of working with the Enrolment Agencies as Operator /Supervisor and Operator Child Enrolment Lite Client undergo the Training Programme conducted by Registrar & Enrolment Agency.

UIDAI Training types

There are three types of traininf UIDAI is offering:

  1. PRI/ULB and DLO Programs are organized by ROs for Verifier, Introducer, Member Panchayati Raj Institution and District Level officer on their role in Enrolment Ecosystem.
  2. Orientation/ Refresher Programs are anchored by ROs for EA Staff for quality enhancement and refreshing their knowledge
  3. Master Trainer Training (TOT) is organized by Regional Offices for creation of Master Trainers who in turn train other EA Staff.

Basic Qualification for UIDAI's Certification

To qualify for the role of Supervisor, the person should satisfy the following criteria: 
  1. The person should be of age 18 years and above.
  2. The person shall be 10+2 pass and should preferably be a graduate
  3. The person should have a good understanding and experience of using a computer
  4. The person should preferably have prior experience of working in Aadhaar Enrolment program
To qualify for the role of Operator CELC, the person should satisfy the following criteria: 
  • The person should be of age 18 years and above.
  • The person shall be minimum 10+2 pass. In case of Anganwadi/Asha Worker, the minimum qualification is 10th pass
  • The person should have a basic understanding of operating a computer and should be comfortable with local language keyboard and transliteration

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Is there a need of recertification?

No! UIDAI has mandated onetime certification for one role, e.g. Enrolment Operator /Supervisor or Operator CELC. Whereas, candidate certified for Operator role can take Supervisor role certification and Operator CELC can take certification exam for Enrolment Operator/Supervisor.

Who is Introducer in UIDAI Process? - Duties of Introducer

Who is Introduces?

Introducers are individuals (example, Registrar’s employees, elected local body members, postmen, influencers such as teachers, health workers & doctors, representative of local NGO’s etc.) identified by a Registrar and registered in UIDAI’s “Introducers”.

In certain cases, the UIDAI Regional Office may itself take the initiative to identify a pool of Introducers for the convenience of the Registrars.


Condition to become introducer

  • Introducer must be above the age of 18 years and Introducer must not have a criminal record.
  • Introducers will be connected to a Registrar. The same Introducer might be utilized by more than one Registrar as long as they are distinguished by the concerned Registrar and enrolled in UIDAI's CIDR as "Introducers" for the specific Registrar. In this way, the Introducer can just present individuals inside the Registrar's locale. What's more, a Registrar can additionally restrict the activities of an Introducer by managerial limits.

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What are the responsibilities of Introducers in UIDAI?

Here we have Listed out some responsibility of Introducers:

  1. In the event that the recognized Introducer is prepared to function as an Introducer, he/she should give a composed agree to being an Introducer to enable Aadhaar enrolments and to take after the rules and methodology set down for the Introducers by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and the Registrar.
  2. Once the Registrar identifies introducers region-wise (District/State in which the Introducer is authorized to work), he will notify the Introducers.
  3. They should guarantee that their contact data is effectively shown at the Enrolment Center. In the event of no show/off base data, ask the Enrolment Center boss to show/adjust the subtle elements.
  4. They must ensure that the Registrar has registered and activated them as an Introducer at UIDAI.
  5. The Introducers must check the Resident's Name and Address on the Enrolment shape for accuracy and culmination. Introducer ought to likewise check his/her own points of interest in the frame and after that give his/her mark/thumbprint on the Enrolment Form space gave.
  6. Introducers should make themselves accessible amid the working hours of the EC for embracing occupants. In the event that, they are not accessible amid the operational hours, they can visit the Enrolment Center by the day's end and check the rundown of inhabitants pending for their support.
  7. Introducer must only introduce residents who do not have documentary proof of identity or address
  8. Introducer cannot charge fees for introducing residents. However, Registrars can prescribe an honorarium to them for this work.
  9. The Introducer also signs/provide thumbprint on the consent for enrolment where consent print requires the same.
  10. Introducer must be easily accessible to the residents.

These are some of the most important Points that an introducer have to keep in mind while doing their work with UIDAI. In the Next Post we will discuss about Verifiers Process.

UIDAI Guidelines for Verification for Verifier must keep in mind while verifying the Documents of aadhar holders

Verifier need to keep many points while checking the aadhar holder's application while verifing them. here are some guidelines that UIDAI have provided to aadhar verifier.


UIDAI Guidelines For Verifier for verifing documents

  • The documents produced by the resident for Aadhaar enrolment/Update must be in the list of approved documents only.
  • Ensure that the inhabitant has unique archives for check. In occasions where unique archives are not accessible, duplicates bore witness to/ensured by an open legal official/gazetted officer will be acknowledged.
  • The configuration is for declaration to be issued by authorities/establishments (just those that are perceived in the UIDAI's legitimate rundown of archives) for Proof of Identity and Address is according to Appendix A/B.
  • Verifier can deny confirmation, on the off chance that they speculate produced/adjusted reports. In situations where Verifier rejects confirmation of the archives created, reasons ought to be recorded in short by the Verifier on the Enrolment Form.
  • On the off chance that the Verifier rejects confirmation with reasons or turns the occupant back without recording any reasons, the inhabitant can approach an assigned Authority made by the Registrar at the Block level for Grievance Redressal.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of distinction in the name announced and the one in report (PoI) is restricted to spelling as well as grouping of to begin with, center and last name, the name as pronounced by the inhabitant might be recorded.
  • If two documentary proofs produced by the enrollee have variation in the same name (i.e., with initials and full name), the enrollee’s full name should be recorded.
  • Date of birth of Resident must indicate day, month and year in the relevant field.
  • At the point when the occupant can't give correct date of birth and just age is specified by the inhabitant or approximated by the verifier then just age is recorded. The product will consequently compute year of birth in such case.
  • Confirm that the PoA contains the name and address. The Verifier ought to guarantee that the name in the PoA report matches with the name in the PoI record. A distinction in the name in PoI and PoA archive is satisfactory if the distinction is just in spelling or potentially arrangement of to begin with, center and last name.
  • On the off chance that the progressions asked for in Address Enhancement are significant and change the base address that is recorded in the PoA, the inhabitant will be required to deliver a substitute PoA or enlist through an Introducer.
  • Head of Family should dependably go with the relative when the relative is getting Enroled.
  • In the event that the enrollee has and will give his/her Mobile Number and/or Email Address, these discretionary fields must be filled in. Verifier can educate the significance of these fields to the inhabitant. UIDAI can connect with the inhabitant utilizing this data, if required, as in the event of returned letters.

So, these are some of the Basic Guidelines to keep in mind for verifier while verifing documents of aadhar holders. If you have any suggestions then kindly give us and we will add in this post.

Who is Verifier in Aadhar Enrollment System at the time of Enrollment?

Aadhar Process - Role of Aadhar Verifier

At the point when the occupant comes to enlist for Aadhaar to an Enrolment Center, statistic data will be entered from archives that the inhabitant gives. The confirmation of reports presented by the occupant is appropriately checked by the authorities approved to check the archives. Such authorities are named as verifiers. The verifier show at the aadhar enrollent Center will confirm the records presented by the inhabitant against the enrolment frame filled by the occupant. The administrations of the resigned government authorities who are for the most part all around familiar with such confirmation strategies ought to be used by the Registrars on the off chance that they can't extra serving authorities for report check.

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The verifiers in an enrolment focus can't be from a similar seller, contracted as enrolment organization. Enlistment center needs to guarantee that verifiers are suitably prepared before being placed in the field. The Registrar may delegate more than one Verifier in a middle, if and where required. The rundown of all Verifiers must be informed, by assignment, by the Registrar before beginning of the enrolments and the rundown ought to be imparted to the Regional office concerned.

Any serving/resigned official both from Government (counting Armed powers and CPMFs) and PSUs including Banks not beneath the rank of Group 'C'/class III workers might be permitted to be sent as Verifiers. In the territories, as large urban communities and Metros, where enlistment center can't profit the administrations of such Retired/Serving government authorities, administrations of an outsourced merchant can be benefited of to give verifiers the endorsement from UIDAI Regional Office.


Responsibility of Aadhar Verifier

For enrolment, Resident will bring his/her Original reports/Attested Photocopies alongside filled Aadhar Update Form. Verifier must confirm the data said in the supporting records with the data specified in the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form.

  • Verifier will sign and stamp the Enrolment/Update Form after confirmation. On the off chance that stamp isn't accessible, the verifier can sign and put his/her Name. The occupant will then go to the Enrolment Agency Operator for getting Enroled.
  • It is verifier's obligation to guarantee that Enrolment/Update Form is filled totally and accurately according to UIDAI enrolment process. No obligatory field ought to be left clear and inhabitant ought to be urged to fill discretionary fields like versatile number and email address.
  • Verifier needs to be available in the enrolment center throughout the operating hours of the center. Registrars should ensure physical presence of verifiers during the enrolment.
  • if the occupant is Enroled and has wanted Correction for a specific statistic field, the inhabitant require not enter all points of interest in the Form. The occupant must give his/her unique Enrolment Number, Date and Time (together known as EID), his/her Name and the field which needs rectification.
  • Verifier’s signature/thumb print and stamp/Name is required except in case where copies attested / certified by a public notary / gazetted officer are being submitted.
  • The Verifier must be physically present at the enrolment focus each day and, in this manner, can screen the Enrolment Center execution and give prompt data to UIDAI and Registrar on process deviations and acts of neglect at the enrolment focus.

How to enrol without supporting documents for aadhar card?

  1. On the off chance that an occupant can't give narrative confirmation of character or verification of address, they can be Enroled through a pre-assigned "Introducer" who is recognized and informed by the Registrar or Regional Offices.
  2. An Introducer is a man who is approved by the Registrar to present an occupant who does not have any PoA/PoI records. This acquaintance does not commensurate with giving a character testament to inhabitant.
  3. Key statistic information should be checked legitimately at the season of enrolment. Inhabitants can bring any of the endorsed records as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.


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